our Journey

We believe in gifting bags purposefully to the children who need them the most. Our journey of putting a Repurpose Schoolbag into a child's hand is one that is thoughtful and our attention to detail ensures that every time a Repurpose Schoolbag is gifted, it is a day celebrated by the child, class and the community. 

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With every Repurpose Schoolbag gifted, we ensure that each child who gets one is in need of one. We work together with schools to handpick learners who need this life changing innovation. Our decisions are based on giving priority to learners who come from households without electricity and those who walk long distances to and from school.





Together with our giving partners, we host memorable "Handover days" at each school to place the gifted Repurpose Schoolbags into the hands of each child. Allbeneficiary schools are educated on the use of the Repurpose Schoolbag, and the day is then captured by our team through photos and videos. We believe it is a day to be celebrated by the child, the class and the community.