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Moraka Street
Tlhabane, NW, 0309
South Africa

+2711 028 7495

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A Repurpose schoolbag is a recycled schoolbag that charges up during the day

and transforms into a light so that children can study when they get home.


Plastic pollution is estimated to be costing developing and industrialized nations up to $1.27 Billion annually as it threatens fishing, shipping and tourism

Kerosene lanterns & alternative means of lighting kill at least 3 million people each year– mostly children & women.

- Eight19*

3 children die daily on South African roads.


11,4million South African learners walk to school daily.

-Parliament of South Africa*

ONE schoolbag, affords a child ALL of this:



Made from 100% plastic shopping bags, a child can carry their books in an eco-friendly, durable and trendy schoolbag.

Extended Study Time

Increased working hours after dark with a safe renewable energy light source. With completed homework, educators can monitor the progress of their teaching.

Safety & Visibility

Increased visibility of child pedestrians to motorists through the integration of retro-reflective material.